Sunday, October 28, 2007

By my self on M M AALAM Road

I had to buy some handmade papers for my illustrations on Friday. I deally my place of visit for this world have been Urdu Bazar. That is quite far fron my college and I couldn't convince anybody to come with me. So I went for an easier option. I went to M M Aalam road. M M Aalam road is an extremely expensive shopping area. I went to the shop as directed be one of the Teacher's assistant at BNU. None of the Guards t the plaza knew where the shop was.
After going around the plaza for 20 minutes I was lucky enough to find someone who knew the paper shop.
The papers were expensive but I had to buy them. After being content with my shopping and happy to have found a good deal I left the Plaza and started walikng towards the Main Market.
Now the funny part was that I was wearing jeans and a Full sleeves knit top which stopped just above where my jeans started. I also had a Shawl around myself lest I offend someone. I tried all types of drapes in Order to make my bottom less visible. As in wrap it around so that it covers my behind like a kurta. I was unsuccessful and i gave up. I just walked ignoring gawking men. It was no different from walking in India.
I walked all the way to a book shop called Readings. I musty have walked atleast 3 kilometers and I felt very good about saving the money and looking at shops, people and them looking at me.
I made mental notes of the shops I would want to visit again and the restaurants I want to come to.

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