Monday, February 18, 2008

Mama Chimi

Pink Panther
Picked up two synthetic dyed fur balls
Cage after cage
Bars to a shoe box
Mother to be
Aunties and all
Shower of love
Will barred love help them survive?
Survival tips from
All measures taken
Heaters lit exclusively for them
“I will make them a vegetarian”
Bhutanese exclusion
World of the mother
To hell with the rest of the world

Silent wishes of death
Didn’t hope they will come true
Thanks to shirts, cotton and all
Will it help?
2, 3, 4
3 days of love
One night of death
Smoking before children
What caused the end?
Dye, heat, cold or just too much love

Reason for suffocation
Cover of food
Stiff bodies
Stirred up blood
Wet mattress
Get the friend back
Mother engrossed in television
Condolence till its dark
Is it happiness?
Absence of empathy

“What is the one trait you would like to pass on to your son?”
“Empathy” said the graceful mother at the beauty pageant
Lies in the eyes of the beholder
Or so they say
What eyes does one need
To realize the beauty of the lot around us
The dark, the ugly, the dull, the unenlightened
The unintelligent, the disproportionate
The missing limb

Beauty beats love
Beauty reigns
Mother of all love
What does one miss?
Space ion the heart
Air bubbles
Too many mamas
Pink and yellow love
Upbringing tips
Warning of death
Beauty conquers all
Safe from the world
Safe in death
Take care

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